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Both on the local network (LAN) or via the internet, Rise of Atlantis lets you choose your favourite style of play. Interaction among the different players does not necessarily lead to expansion and war. Trading valuable goods or magic items may be the key to success as well as exploring the ancient grounds or training powerful warriors and leaders. In addition, there are more subtle ways to interfere with your opponents. Sabotage and Espionage may be your weapons of choice in case open conflict is not suitable.

There is also the threat of the Atlanteans, a race who has been long forgotten and now returns from its exile to claim the supremacy over all known land. As well as being a constant menace to the peoples who fight for freedom and justice, they might be a powerful ally for those who are willing to betray their blood brothers.

The different options of loyality and betrayal are made even more intersting by the system of asynchronous diplomacy. Treaties can be confirmed or cancelled by either side. Seeming allies may turn into your enemies instantly, if they see a chance to take you by surprise.

Rise of Atlantis is targeted at both novice and advanced strategic players. Even weak players may play an important role towards the end of a game as they gain power by betraying the others. Strong players are also encouraged, because they are awarded stronger units and equipment as well as alternative endings if they manage to defend their position.

As the complex game mechanics require a lot of tweaking-about with the various game-relevant parameters, Genetic Algorithms are used to optimise the balancing of the game. Even before beta-testing takes place, exploits can be discovered and removed.

It is also possible to play against AI-opponents controlled by the computer. Besides playing in the campaign mode, there is also the open game mode and the possibility to create own scenarios with the LUA Scripting Language.
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