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Concept & Realisation...

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The round-based strategy game “Rise of Atlantis” imposes a difficult task on the player. He has to unite the settlements and tribes of his people to withstand the attempts of other rulers to conquer the continent. At his disposal are numerous ways of gaining power and influence. Trade, expansion, diplomacy, magic and open war are all equally adequate means.

Rise of Atlantis is primarily made for suspenseful multiplayer sessions. Up to eight players may work with or against each other in order to build a powerful civilization out of the scattered city states. Elements of classic strategy gaming are presented in modern and easily accesible way.

... and its Realisation

The game is entirley made by students of the Technische Universität Braunschweig (TU Braunschweig) and the Braunschweig School of Arts (HBK). The project’s main goal is to integrate computer game development in both academic teaching and research.

Methods of Agile Software Engineering are applied to guarantue an efficient and results-oriented workflow. It is our aim to show that it is possible to design and develop a modern computer game solely by students.

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